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S2:EP70 – Couplepreneur Talk: Masculinity & Dealing With An Opposite-Sex Business


How can you feel like you belong in a business that talks to the opposite sex? How can you create a business that includes you both, but without falling into the rookie mistake of trying to talk to everyone? In this episode, we’ll help you explore these important questions that every couple in business needs […] Read More

S2:EP69 – Mira & Jayson Calton: 135 Countries, 3 Health Bestsellers & Being One Perfect Creative Unit


Sometimes, you come across a powercouple with a relationship so strong and fusional that you don’t even know where one personality ends and where the other starts. The Caltons fit this description perfectly. In this interview, learn how they traveled to 135 countries, authored 3 health bestsellers, and became a perfect creative unit.   What […] Read More

S2:EP68 – The Dumbest Things We’ve Ever Said As Couplepreneurs


“We don’t need a schedule… we just go with the flow!” This is the kind of stuff we used to think. Who wants a schedule when you work for yourself and want to control your freaking destiny, right? Looking back at it, a lot of things we used to consider “facts” about the couplepreneur life […] Read More

S2:EP67 – 4 Questions To Ask Yourselves To Fix Your Elevator Pitch Mismatch


So… what do you do in life? Nothing is worse than struggling to articulate a clear answer. But the most awkward part is when both of you -- the smart business owners -- come up with different answers. Here’s how to fix your elevator pitch mismatch and finally get clear on your business direction.   […] Read More

S2:EP66 – Couplepreneur Talk: Do You Need Friends When You’re Already Best Friends?

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Someone recently reached out to us and asked, “Nick and Gen, we’re couplepreneurs, together 24/7 and moving every 6 months. It gets lonely. How is it possible to make friends in this lifestyle?” We get it, your partner is *perfect* for you, but sometimes you need a little variety. This is the episode for you! […] Read More

S2:EP65 – Behind Our Online Business, We’re Just a Couple of Weirdos


Did we ever tell you that Gen was born on Christmas? Or that as couplepreneurs we have a secret domain name addiction? Today we’re dishing out 12 weird things about us. Why? So you can get to know the ‘real us’ a little more. Everyone’s weird - we’re no exception ;)   What You’ll Hear: […] Read More

S2:EP64 – Track Your Business, Feel In Control And Take Actual Vacations

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You have a business and you want it to grow, right? But how do you actually know if it’s doing any growing? Tracking. Tracking isn’t just about reviewing your numbers and using those numbers to make decisions -- it can help you work less and even take a vacation...yes…take a vacation.   What You’ll Hear: […] Read More

S2:EP63 – Couple Talk: How Masterminds Are Rigged Against Couplepreneurs & What We’re Doing About That

IMG_0011-1200 (1)

Have the two of you been tempted to invest in business masterminds and live events? We’ve personally invested thousands for these things with the hopes of rapid business growth and massive success. In a way, we got what we wanted from them, but there was always something CRUCIAL missing… our partner.   What You’ll Hear: […] Read More

S2:EP62 – Shannon Simmons: Biz Structure, Taxes, Credit & Other Financial Craziness For Couples In Business


Shannon Simmons has enlightened us on the show today about everything related to business finances. We asked a ton of questions regarding tax season, getting a mortgage as business owners, how much to pay ourselves, what legal business structure is the best for couples and more. You absolutely will NOT want to miss this one. […] Read More

S2:EP61 – Our Escape Plan, Part 4

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We’re back with our “Escape Plan” series, where we update you guys about what’s happening in our business and life. In this episode, you’ll hear about the biggest takeaways we’ve had last year, our next travels and adventures -- and everything in-between.   What You’ll Hear: The biggest realizations we’ve had in the last year, […] Read More

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